Remnant Publishing was founded by Vincent & Maisha Hunter to ensure authors could keep their voice and remain true to their authentic values. In July 2017, Maisha transitioned into her Heavenly home; she was and still is an instrument used by the Lord.
Maisha spent ten years as a co-owner of a Christian self-publishing company which provided her years of wealth and knowledge in writing, publishing, and editing. Her years of writing brought forth the vision for Remnant Publishing. In addition, Maisha provided wise counsel via her blog website, “The Latter Days Blog.

Remnant Publishing is dedicated to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ by publishing revelatory literature rooted in sound doctrine. God has called every believer a living epistle (book) read of all men so the lost can be found and come to know Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior. We are here to provide an avenue for expressing God’s plan for the Body of Christ in written form.

We provide Christian, inspirational, and motivational content. Our goal is to liberate our reader’s minds through books, magazines, handbooks, and educational items rooted in the word of God. We are an end-time resource willing to meet all of your publishing needs. Please view our services page for our detailed offerings, and schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements further.

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