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God’s Celestial Network E-Book

God’s Celestial Network E-Book

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The Holy Ghost powers God’s Celestial Network, and it contains all the provisions necessary to prosper in this life. First, you can enter in by receiving Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and being born again; then, as you abide in the Vine, all the sap in the tree will power you up to become fruitful in your life!

Let God create SEAs-“Strategic Evangelical Alliances” in your life to merge you into relationships with those on your “TEAM”-Together, Each Accomplishes More. We’re about to see the end time Network come into focus and power up. Leave self behind and all religious ambitions and plug in, grow and go! The Network has the power.

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4 reviews for God’s Celestial Network E-Book

  1. remnantpub (store manager)

    A very good book and a quick read.

  2. Julia Carter

    I truly enjoyed reading this book! This book has truly transformed the way I read the Bible and the way I engage in spiritual warfare. This book will cause you to constantly evaluate everything that comes your way, as we know the enemy is subtle and always looking to hack us or cause us to become non-productive. This book is truly a blessing, even concluding with a prayer of deliverance! Buy it today and prepare to have your mind transformed!

  3. Ashanti Jackson

    Smooth flowing and revelatory to understanding how we were separated from God and how to get back in the vine (network) of God.

  4. Chandra Ponder

    A wonderful life-changing book. Well-written and easy to read. It was truly inspired by God through the authors. It blessed me, let it bless you!

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